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The Blue Book, 5th Edition (2 volumes)

Shrink Wrapped
Standard Order of the Arrow Insignia Catalog

Volume 1   1-250
Volume 2   251-619

1408 pages Comprehensive OA lodge listings
Every lodge: past & present
Cities & Council Names
Mergers, name changes, supercedes
Over 50,000 listings including Chapter items
Over 1,700 neckerchiefs
Standard Pennant Labels
The Unknown Lodges, historic lodge pins
Collecting check lists. Plus OA lodge activity patches, neckerchiefs and lodge totem pins

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Presenting the

Michael Feigenbaum Collection

One of the finest collections of Order of the Arrow patches is now available through this website. Brush Creek Trading Company is proud to present the Michael Feigenbaum Collection. During the past forty years Mr. Feigenbaum collected a virtually complete set of first flaps and odd shapes from each lodge. His collection included many rare pieces including the following:

Updated 09/27/04
19 R-1 Sisilija 113 F-1 Wihinipa Hinsa 167 X-1 Wolpenk
244 X-1 Day Noomp 245 F-1 Tulpe 256 X-1 Deer Rock
289 P-1 Papoukewis 291 A-2a Topa Topa 303 F-1 Yowlumne
305 A-1 Kelcema 305 P-2 Kelcema 308 M-1 Wahpinachi
323 F-1 Arrowhead 324 A-1 Ini-To 363 S-1 Ma-I-Shu
363 P-1b Ma-I-Shu 450 X-1a Mitigwa 453 R-1 Bo-Qui
473 F-1 Aiqouez 520 X-2c El-Ku-Ta 546 J-1 Chi Sigma

Now is the time to search our inventory for those hard to find pieces you want to add to your collection. Browse for them under our "OA Patch and Odd-shaped" Section.
Please note items from the Feigenbaum Collection are marked with *MF* in the description column.

The Blue Book, 5th Edition

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*New* Just off the Press! Two Volumes! Now ready for shipment. 1,408 Pages, Standard Order of the Arrow Insignia Catalog, Comprehensive OA lodge listings, every lodge: past & present, cities & council names, supercedes, chapters, Now includes Lodge Event Issues And more!

Order now! Blue Book, 5th edition, -- $29.

Brush Creek Email List

Brush Creek is preparing to start an email list. Emails will be sent to those on the list approximately weekly. It will include general news as well as highlighting new items for sale.

Your personal contact information will neither be sold or given to anyone else nor be used for any other purpose.

To be placed on this list, please complete the form below.

Email Address:

Remember, "A Scout is Trustworthy." Only enter your name and email address to this list. Please do not add someone else's information without their permission!

Now Available...
The Blue Book, 5th Edition CD-ROM

The Blue Book CD-ROM features:

  • The complete listings from the book version of Blue Book V. (1408 pages)
  • More than 50,000 issues including the National listing of OA Chapter insignia and OA Neckerchiefs.
  • Tracker (tm) - A computer software program that allows you to catalog your collection, keep track of needs, inventory dupes, record values and generate reports and lists. You also can sort Blue Book data by alphabetical, chronological, lodge, state, issue type or any personal criteria you choose along with easy downloading of updates and much much more!
  • Also featured on the CD-ROM are 30,000 Color OA images, by far the largest library of images ever compiled.
  • Free updates available through the Internet.
  • Also included on the CD-ROM is the Blue Book 5 price guide with in excess of 60,000 actual prices realized.

Microsoft Windows Compatible Systems Only
Double CD

Order now, only $12.00 plus $2.00 shipping or no shipping if other items are ordered

While online, click on the link below to visit the Internet's largest collection of Order of the Arrow Patch images, mentioned in the ASTA Reporter as the "Reference Site of the Quarter":

Internet Guide to Order of the Arrow Insignia

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