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Items of Special Note

Issue Name Description & Comments Price Image
188 R 1 b A VER DBL Sky, TRR, 1950's Thick Lett. Var, Lightly Sewn 700.00
188 R 1 b A VER DBL Sky, TRR, 1950's Thin Lett. Var, Sewn, Off WHT Bkgd 600.00
318 A 2 a A DGR; full trees; (1950), TRR, Swiss, CB, 318 Waguli, Rome, GA Crisp, 1950, Pre-Fdl 317.00
367 N 5 A 20th ANN; 1967; Actually N-4.5 20th Ann; Actually N-4.5, In Original Bag 310.00
388 A 2 a A RED WWW; solid RED feather; 24 mm CONN.; BRN Native American; WAB; TRM, 388 Samson Occum, Merged 1972, New London, CT Crisp, WAB, Clean 397.00

Images are from The Internet Guide to OA Insignia, used with permission. While the issues are the same, they are not the identical items as the patches offered for sale. The images are shown only to aid in your identification of our sales items. Brush Creek Trading Company is not responsible, in any way, for any errors on The Internet Guide to OA Insignia.

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